Refund Policy & Disclaimer

Refund Policy

ATTENTION: In order to increase the likelihood of your success on our email lists, we recommend all our clients have a professional sales funnel, website, and their own email list. Ensure that your sales funnel is in full working order – we will not refund if the links you supply are not accepting the clicks we send. We do not control our email list’s purchasing actions, only the volume of clicks you receive and where those clicks come from.

We have a strict Paypal no-refund policy. If you are unsure about purchasing, and do not agree with our policy, I suggest we cancel your order. A Paypal payment reversal or chargeback will be classified as fraud and robbery attempt, and will be met with legal action from our team.

As our client, you agree that once your order is placed you will not expect a Paypal refund – or financial compensation of any kind – if the link you provide is not working.


I cannot tell you how good your solo ad will do as it is largely dependent on your offer. What I can guarantee you is that your solo ad will be sent to my high quality targeted subscribers. I will sort the email list based on your offer so that only responsive and interested customers receive your offer. This will get you the clicks you have paid for.

There is no refund option available for your solo ads. If you have doubts or are not 100% satisfied with my services then do not purchase it.


Every effort is made to represent my services and their potential. Any claims made of actual earnings can be verified upon request. The testimonials displayed on my site are the exceptional results that my clients have received from me. However, that doesn’t imply that anyone will receive the same or similar results. To put it simply, results vary from offer to offer.

The success of every individual is dependent on various factors like his or her motivation, desire and dedication. As with any other business, there is always some risk involved. There is no guarantee that you will get the desired results or earn money.