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Welcome to Solo Ads By Magnus

Get Results With My High-Quality Solo Ads

I want to thank you for stopping by my site today.


We all need visitors to our websites. Without them there is no business…

I solve that problem by providing targeted visitors & traffic to people & businesses just like YOU! 


I keep a cultivated list, primed for Make Money Online offers (MMO) & BizOps.

I always provide 100% T1 traffic, which means that my list is full of responsive subscribers with proven buying power from all the major english speaking countries (US, CA, UK, AU, NZ).


My goal is to help you along your journey to more conversions, more sales and a booming business. I provide a timely, efficient & valuable service for my clients.


You Won’t Find Any Better Traffic Source!

Many have built a successful online business with my secret traffic source.

Every customer is valuable to me and I am always ready to serve them with high quality clicks at the best available prices.


If you’re thinking about taking your business to the next level with solo ad traffic, you’re at the right place.


Book Your Next Solo Ad With Me Today -

And let me show you what I can do for YOUR business!


Premium Tier 1 Traffic

  • 100% Tier 1

  • Recommended For Your First Order With Us

  • Our 'Bestseller' Traffic For List Builders

  • Quality Traffic Priced As Low As 45 cents/click

100 - 2000 clicks


Premium Buyers Traffic

  • Our Proven Buyer's List

  • Includes Buyers of Offers RPM, MAB, PWA, SAN, Clickbank, Warrior Plus and JV Zoo

  • Includes Some High Ticket Buyers

  • 100% Tier 1 Traffic 

100 - 2000 Clicks




We continuously cultivate and nurture the list, weeding out weak leads to ensure that the list is full of RESPONSIVE subscribers.

Buyers Included

These leads have huge buying power as they have bought courses and joined programs for anywhere between $7 to $4997. Their passion is making money online and they love to receive my emails.

100% Tier 1 Traffic

We only deal with 100% Tier 1 traffic as our past results have shown that Tier 1 countries always buy.

Landingpage or Funnel Review

I will personally go through your funnel and see if it's a fit for my subscribers



Come and Join Our Many Happy Customers!

We Convert Like Crazy For All These Platforms & Offers:

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 If you have any questions or need any assistance, please let me know.

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